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Greenwood Montessori School - Tuition

Tuition (for the academic year September-June)

            5-Day (Monday-Friday):     Half-Day  8:30-12:00      Annual Tuition:    $7,645 - $595.42/month*
                                                          Full-Day   8:30-3:00       Annual Tuition:    $9,598 - $758.17/month*

                3-Day (Choice of Days):    Half-Day  8:30-12:00     Annual Tuition:    $5,818 - $443.17/month*
                                                           Full-Day   8:30-3:00      Annual Tuition:    $7,960 - $621.67month*

In addition to the above, we offer a morning or afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment Program for children who attend half-day Kindergarten at a public school.  Half-Day rates apply for this option. Parents are responsible for securing transportation to/from our School. Bussing may be available to families living in or near the Greenwood area of Warwick. Interested parents should contact the Warwick School Department for further information.

*Monthly amounts listed above reflect the deduction of the $500 deposit from the annual tuition. Monthly installment amounts are based on a 12-month payment schedule from July 1st through June 1st. Please refer to Option C below for specific information regarding the payment schedule for the monthly installment option.

Tuition Payment Options
Three tuition payment options are available, as follows:

 Option A
                Annual Payment Option: annual tuition due August 1st for the academic year beginning in

   Option B
Semi-Annual Option: 50% of annual tuition due August 1st; remaining 50% due January 1st.

Option C
Monthly Payment Option (12-month payment schedule): payable in 12 equal monthly install-
                ments from
July 1st - June 1st. 

                Please note:
  annual tuition for families enrollling after the month of September and choosing the monthly payment option will be prorated, and the balance will be paid in equal monthly installments over the number of months in attendance regardless of how many weeks there are in each month. 

Please refer to our Financial Policies for additional information regarding tuition, fees, discounts and other financial policy information.