I cannot begin to say enough good things about Greenwood Montessori School. I happened upon their website while searching for preschools for my daughter and was immediately impressed. Since then, this school has only grown in my regard. The educators at GMS have created a wonderful, safe, nurturing environment, important for children at such a young age. Not only do the teachers support each other, they care for their students and their families. This has been our first year at GMS, and I have already witnessed such growth in my daughter. From simple tasks as putting on her jacket, fine motor skill development, letter recognition, to socializing with other children and communicating with adults. We look forward to school days, the independence it brings, the character it builds, and the lessons that are learned. Kayla Rowe

My son has attended Greenwood Montessori School for two years (Preschool and Kindergarten), and I absolutely love this school. The space itself is beautiful, with wonderful light, caring attention to details that children delight in, and frequent updates to the work made available to the children. The staff is caring and supportive, giving individualized attention to each of their students. It is obvious they care about the well-being of each of the children and put every effort into providing opportunities for their success and confidence. Under their guidance, I have witnessed my son mature and grow in spirit, character, and academic ability, and it is very clear that he is happy and well-supported at this school. Not only that, but they also foster a wonderful caring community among the parents, who are always volunteering to help out the school and/or each other. There is no end to the compliments I could pay this lovely school. My son loves it there, and I do too. I would recommend it to anybody. Katie Doyle

We had toured four other Montessori preschools before visiting Greenwood Montessori School. Our search ended the day I met Miss Brenda. It was felt immediately that by simply stepping into Greenwood Montessori School, it was a very special place and we had found our school. Miss Brenda and Miss Rebecca have thoughtfully prepared this beautiful and peaceful school for the children who attend to reflect a true Montessori environment. This is the perfect school for children and families who are both new to Montessori or seasoned in their knowledge of it. The teachers here observe, guide and truly follow the child in order to help them develop a life long love and excitement for learning. We have been able to see and appreciate just how much thought has gone into not only the curriculum/program they provide, but also the respect that is given to the children. There is active communication with the parents and always wonderful events to take part in. Our families still mention the wonderful concert put on by the children at Christmas time! This is such a great school and community, and we are so grateful to have found such a gem of a place for our daughter. Jenn Hall

As educators, my husband and I consider quality early childhood education to be very important. The Montessori method has always been enticing, and we were very excited to learn about the accessibility and affordability of Greenwood Montessori School. Our daughter has absolutely loved her first year at Greenwood, and we have seen her grow in so many ways. Her concentration and focus has dramatically improved. The multi-age classroom has encouraged and inspired her to try new things and experiment with drawing, writing and reading. Miss Brenda and Miss Rebecca are incredibly caring teachers who interact lovingly and respectfully with their students. Greenwood is a remarkable school for young children! Amy Gingras

Greenwood Montessori School is such a warm and welcoming place. The smell of essential oils always filled the air, the sun brightly shined in through the windows, the layout of furniture flowed and created functional working space for the children. Brenda and Rebecca always greeted myself and my son with huge smiles and a peaceful demeanor. My son was always excited to spend his days at GMS and he explored and experienced so much while he was there. The GMS family will always be in our hearts and memories. I would highly recommend sending your children to this School. The Perkins Family

Greenwood Montessori School is a true treasure!  We have one son who currently attends and another who “graduated” last year.  Our oldest son was very shy and withdrawn when he first started attending. By the end of his two years at GMS, he was a different child for the better!  He was confident, able to talk to his teachers and peers and willing to try new things. We attribute this positive change to the loving, nurturing and caring environment the teachers provide.  Miss Brenda, Miss Erin and Miss Irina have created a warm, peaceful classroom where the children feel safe and loved, are encouraged to explore and learn and are able to thrive!  We are so thankful for Greenwood Montessori School and what it has done for our children! Sean and Ruth Finnegan

Greenwood Montessori has been an unforgettable blessing. I strongly believe that the first experiences a child has at school set the foundation for success or lack of success academically and socially. So, I was especially careful in selecting a school for my son. My son had serious separation anxiety and also started late in the school year, which made me especially nervous. However, not only were the teachers at Greenwood caring, but the students were understanding and accepting of this new student. It was truly a reflection of the loving environment of the school. My son thrives and truly enjoys learning, which I believe is a direct effect of his time at Greenwood. What’s more, the Montessori education has been incomparable academically. (At the age of 5, my son understands mathematical concepts and reads.) I strongly recommend Greenwood Montessori to any picky mother like myself.  Debbie Kim

Our daughter has attended Greenwood Montessori for the past two years and absolutely loves it!  She learns things she would likely not be exposed to at other schools for children her age.  Greenwood Montessori has taught our daughter to be kind to her peers and to the earth.  Her love of learning is a direct reflection of the outstanding guidance she has received at Greenwood Montessori.  Our family is thankful we found this magnificent little school! The Mays Family

My husband Scott and I had our little girl Teagan 20 years after our oldest was born. This little child was so precious and special to us! As it turned out, though talkative and loud and boisterous at home, it became clear that she was shy in public. We began looking for options to help get her ready for school. We were worried that if we didn't get her through her shyness before kindergarten started she would be traumatized. I happened to notice a sign for Greenwood Montessori School and decided to check it out. Scott and I, as well as Teagan, went to visit. From the first time we laid eyes on that little school, we knew it was perfect for our family. The school was clean. It was attractive, organized, and best of all - not plastic! There were warm wooden tables and chairs, a real little lamp that could be turned on. There was a duster, broom, food prep area.  By the time we got to the back of the room, Teagan spotted what would always be her favorite - the Loft. My husband and I looked at each other and knew Teagan HAD to go there. We didn't even know how much tuition was, it didn't matter. It was perfect for our daughter.  Once Teagan did start there in the fall of 2008, it was clear that she was far shyer than I even realized. She was unable to speak out loud in the classroom. Her anxiety prevented her from being able to speak. Although it was an unusual circumstance, the staff there partnered with us, and we all worked together to assist Teagan to be able to communicate out loud. By the time Teagan did speak out loud, everyone was very vested in this happening - teachers, fellow friends, and parents alike. We have pictures and a beautiful montage put together by the school of that unforgettable day that  Teagan came out of her shell. I cry when I think of that day. It was like a re-birth, or an awakening. The people at that school are compassionate, caring and totally trustworthy. I will always be grateful that our roots are with Greenwood Montessori School. I would refer them without reservation. I will always consider the teachers that Teagan had as family. We have nothing but wonderful memories and lasting relationships from our two years there. Cheryl Marble

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